My name is Marco Romano Bhimani.
I am an artist / photographer / no-budget filmmaker.
I live and work in Los Angeles, CA.

In 1993 I started shooting graffiti with disposable cameras. I still use disposable/one-time use cameras to this day, along with a Canon EOS 7E, a wonderful Mamiya RB67 Pro-S (my second), a versatile Mamiya C-330S and a host of many other film cameras to refine my vision.

For the most part I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, and have lived in the following California cities: Arcadia, Pasadena, Tarzana, El Monte, Fontana, Long Beach, Monrovia, MacArthur Park Los Angeles, Monterey Park, Culver City, Santa Monica and Burbank. I also did an eight month bid in Draper, Utah.

During ninth grade in high school I delved into video production, and by the time of Senior year I had already pressed up three independently produced skateboarding videos which I edited between two VHS recorders, one acted as playback and the other was used to record. As a result I was given the nickname VCR, some people still call me VCR to this day. These videos were: Politically Incorrect (1996), and two other videos which were untitled. After high school I put out a few more videos that were finished on a professional level using an AVID Media Composer and a HENRY effects editor from a UK company called QUANTEL. These were entitled: Name Calling (1998), Commentary (1999) and CUT-n-PASTE (2000). In late 2000/early 2001 I started production on a graffiti documentary that still hasn’t been released to date. I finally gave the film a name in 2003, it’s called The Act and the Aftermath.


Bastard Artist Los Angeles!