Writings – welcome to HATERSVILLE!!

by Marco Bhimani on 02/06/2011

welcome to HATERSVILLE!!

handsome, strong, intelligent, street life, bugged out, sometimes anti-social, plenty of free parking, nice frames, mister flix los angeles, mister group flix, koo g snapz, fetishbastard, bastardartist, vcr1 cc5, sir rimesalotmorethanyoudo, marcohatesyoutoo, photoshootwithbigberd, foto chute de big berdo (spanish), marco, big dog, vcrgod, the westcoast do it himself artist, artista bastardO.

dried cali apricots, kuuush, alfani suits, $500 dollar shoes to trample through the mud of life with, something worthwhile, suggestive, habit-forming, deep, raw filth, legs and feet, hair and fingernails, eyes and heart, truth in innocence, beautiful flowerz, finding beauty in the hideous, 80’s prom dresses, playing dress-up, race cars, dick van dykes, slut buddy holly, big fucking tits.

no drama, film photography, art and smut, dirty magazines, perversions, struggle and die, keep pushing, best friends, hang like batz, i love everything, you are all beautifully inclined…

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