Shoot – Sabreezy: Industrial Park

by Marco Bhimani on 05/04/2013

I shot a picture of my friend Sabrina. I call her Sabreezy, she’s mad chill.


Crime Stoppers Case Files: Bree’Anna Guzman

by Marco Bhimani on 02/25/2013

I was contacted by the Production Supervisor and asked if I’d like to include photographs I had taken at Bree’Anna Guzman’s vigil. Please watch and try to help LAPD solve this grizzly crime and bring justice to Bree’Anna’s family.


Special delivery from JSLV Corp.

by Marco Bhimani on 08/27/2012

Bigg ups to my friends over at JSLV Corp for the package fulla goodies.

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Candlelight vigil for Bree’anna Guzman

by Marco Bhimani on 03/26/2012

I have always taken a deep interest in photographing street memorials, but it wasn’t until I came across the street memorial for Bree’anna Guzman that I became involved. At the scene I read heartfelt letters written by loved ones, and I had learned of an upcoming vigil. I returned that evening to document the experience […]


Streets – Young love

by Marco Bhimani on 06/17/2011


Writings – welcome to HATERSVILLE!!

by Marco Bhimani on 02/06/2011

welcome to HATERSVILLE!! handsome, strong, intelligent, street life, bugged out, sometimes anti-social, plenty of free parking, nice frames, mister flix los angeles, mister group flix, koo g snapz, fetishbastard, bastardartist, vcr1 cc5, sir rimesalotmorethanyoudo, marcohatesyoutoo, photoshootwithbigberd, foto chute de big berdo (spanish), marco, big dog, vcrgod, the westcoast do it himself artist, artista bastardO. dried […]


Shoot – Alexandra-Paige Stahle

by Marco Bhimani on 02/03/2011

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to work with a twenty-one year old young lady named Alexandra Paige. Alex told me about drifting through life comfortably numb, overcoming excessive drug use and witnessing her closest friend succumb to addiction and die as a result. Learning about her life was compelling, eye-opening and jaw-dropping. I shot […]


Everything I am

by Marco Bhimani on 02/01/2011

The clouds, the beautiful flowing clouds, gracefully pirouetting across the sky. The bike I ride, and when it’s ridden I feel free, free as a bird. King taco, one of my favorite places to pig-out. Welcome to my city, My Los Angeles, smog city.



by Marco Bhimani on 12/02/2010

Time passes by quickly. Rest in peace to those that have left us earlier than expected.


Shoot – Quest: Love life

by Marco Bhimani on 12/01/2010